Cookin cookies.


Today I made cookies with my host sister and my host step sister, because in Mexico, it’s not as common to make cookies. We decided to go for classic chocolate chip, and in addition to that, I somehow decided it would be a good idea to cook white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. This morning, I went to go buy the ingredients at the supermarket that is near my house. I spent about 1 hour in the market. They had butter. They had sugar. They did not have brown sugar. They had eggs, but only by the dozen, and seeing that I was only going to need 4, I decided to go for fresh eggs somewhere else. They did not have macadamia nuts. They did not have white chocolate. So far, this is going really well, right?

Then I went to a nearby merchant market to buy the eggs. I bought four eggs in a bag. Then I went to a bakery to ask if they knew where I could get brown sugar. They didn’t. HOW DO YOU WORK IN A BAKERY AND NOT KNOW WHERE TO GET BROWN SUGAR? Ok. Then I went to a café to see if they could tell me where to get brown sugar. They told me in Costco. They asked me if I knew where Costco is. I said yes, even though I have no idea where it is, and the only thing I know is it’s too far away to walk. Then I went to a health foods store. They had macadamia nuts, but no brown sugar. I asked where I could buy brown sugar. They said to go to the semillero (a seed store). I realized I had literally just walked down a giant hill at the top of which there was a semillero. Not wanting to walk up the hill again, I recalled that one of my favorite cafes nearby has brown sugar. I went to ask them if they knew where I could buy brown sugar, hoping that they would offer me a cup. They did not. They told me to go to Walmart. Which is also far away. I then outright asked if I could buy brown sugar from them. They said no. Then I went to the restaurant that is in front of my house. I asked the chef if she had brown sugar. She did not. Somewhere in there, I stopped at a fasti (which is like 7-11) to look for white chocolate. The only white chocolate they had was individually packaged little bars. I bought 5 and the woman at the checkout looked at me like “classic gringa.”

After going home and feeling dejected, I went back into the center of town to a place where my host dad said they would have brown sugar. On the way, I stopped at a health foods store. I asked them if they had brown sugar. After giving me a hopeful look, they did not. I stopped at another health foods store. They had brown sugar. It was super expensive. I went to the semillero. They had brown sugar. It was cheap. And they had tons of amazing spices and powders and curries and maybe it was fate that it took me so long to find this place, because it was really a gem.

Then we were ready to cook the cookies. After a long hunt for the vanilla and then another long hunt for the baking soda, everything went well. And here are the cookies.






If you happen to be in the mood to cook cookies here are the recipes we used:

Also today in my class we learned how to make badass guacamole. In the market this morning, I spent about 10 minutes feeling up avocados, and still didn’t pick ripe ones.


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