This week I present you with…


… a series of foods that would never sell in the United States of America. One of the many joys of living abroad is trying new foods. Thus far I have eaten grasshoppers, another unidentifiable bug, and a variety of other foods that do not sound interesting compared to a grasshopper and another unidentifiable bug, although they are scary delicious. However, it is not to be forgotten that there is a whole other world of packaged snack food aside from m & m’s and starbursts and cheez-its, and I feel that is an important part of the culture to communicate. Each day this week, I will attempt to introduce you with one packaged snack food that you will probably not come across in 7-11 or CVS. Today’s adventure Monday included a new bookstore, 2 new streets, teaching English for the first time, and a terribly embarrassing encounter involving me intending to ask, “Do you sell eggs?” and me actually asking, “Do you have balls?”.

Day 1:


These little guys are kind of like whoppers. Surrounded by a chocolatey outer shell and innards somewhere in between cookies and crackers, they’ll be gone in 2 minutes leaving your fingers greasy and your stomach unsatisfied.


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