Day 3: Chips Ahoy… but better


Despite one’s likelihood to question the well-being of his/her respiratory tract upon consuming “Chokis” these puppies are really harmless (well not entirely… imagine chocolate chip cookies with more chocolate attached to the bottom). Also, don’t worry, I’m sharing these sweets with my friends… not just having a pig party by myself (I only do that with street mango).


Today was one of those stunning days in Xalapa where the weather is hot, but the late afternoon sun is just perfect. It reminds me of the beach at 5 o’clock, which is just about my favorite thing in the world (besides for street mango). Today when I was walking home, there was an entire orchestra of elementary school kids playing on a huge stage that they had set up outside the cathedral. The sound of 10-year-olds with braces learning to play clarinet is universal, friends.


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