Still alive.


Hi Friends! It’s been a longggg time since I wrote in my blog! And just like a lot of other things, we’re going to blame it on my parents, because I was hanging out with them instead of updating my life on the interweb. We had a great time (well… I’ll speak for myself).

In other news, not too many updates. I did go to a beautiful waterfall yesterday where I swam and slept and got bitten by tons of mosquitoes.
On the bus ride back, we were singing the Lion King song (Circle of Life), and I realized that in every language there are a series of strange words / sounds that people try to fit into that NYAAAAAAAAAAA TKONYAAAAAA NANA HEEEBEEEBABA part.

Also sorry for falling miserably off the map with the candy project. The reality of the situation is that I just got lazy, but the last two candies were going to be a chocolate filled croissoint called “Bigotes” (which here means mustache) and another type of chocolate bar called “Teens.”

Adventure Monday included a new fabric store. I have some pillows in mind to make over the summer.

Hope all’s well in your respective lands!


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