Intended audiences.


It has not escaped my mind that at the school for international students here (where students are from Japan, Australia, France, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, India, and yes, the United States) there are many warning signs. By warning signs, I do not mean figurative warning signs like stuff you should take as a reason to get out fast, but I mean literal signs with warnings written on them. Mind you, almost everything hear is written in Spanish and English (and sometimes French) except for the follwing signs (which are only written in English):

1. Only use one paper towel.

2. Do not throw tampons or sanitary napkins in the toilet.

3. Food, drinks, and backpacks REMEMBER are not allowed to come inside [the library].

4. This floor is very slippery when wet.

I have a firm belief that the presence of a warning sign is an indication of a past ocurrence which caused the need for said sign. WHAT ARE THEY IMPLYING WITH ALL THESE THINGS ONLY IN ENGLISH?

Also, as I have mentioned before, many vehicles here have names (for example,  a bus driver will name his bus after his wife). Today I saw a garbage truck named Shalom Alejem.


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