Adventure Monday x-treme.


The adventure I had today, was not to a particularly exciting place (a copy shop), but I had a whirlwind adventure there. For one of my classes, I am helping to design a workshop about sexual health for kids. This involves designing pedagogical games to help kids ages 9 to 13 learn about sex, which means that this includes a puzzle with the images of a boy body and a girl body.

The way that all printing and copying works here is that you go to a print or copy shop and then you give them your USB and tell them which document you would like printed (therefore, it is in your interest to print cleanly, wisely, and nothing too personal). However, there is no way to avoid getting graphic when you are teaching a (good and thorough) class about sexual health. Today I brought to the copy shop a 2 documents that said boy’s body and girl’s body and contained two very clear drawings of internal and external everything. On the walk to the copy shop I said silent prayers that the person in the copy shop would be a little old lady who happens to be high tech and a progressive thinker. I got to the copy shop and found 2 twenty-something cool dudes with a lot of piercings wearing ACDC hats. Needless to say, I felt a little awkward being the strange foreign girl asking for two giant pictures of the human body to be printed on adhesive paper that is not the size of a normal piece of paper that I don´t know how many centimeters equals  8.5 X 11. Anyways, the people there were so incredibly nice and they spent over an hour cutting and pasting and resizing and being totally cool about needing to print out the puzzle pieces separately and making special cuts so the ovaries wouldn´t fall off the page. I will have to go back at some point to make the puzzles for the male and the female grown body which will be a whole other awkward experience, but nonetheless, I´m grateful to have had that experience, and also grateful that it is over.


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