Love your mistakes.


What I have learned about life from living in Mexico 9:

Mistakes are great. Usually they don’t have deathly consequences. Usually they hurt a little bit, but then make you a more whole person. I mean all types of mistakes: eating fruit that wasn’t washed, stepping in dog poop while taking a picture, drinking too much of a beverage that was not water, not bringing enough toilet paper into the bathroom (momentarily disregarding yesterday’s post… there is a critical minimum), pretending you know what it means to have your coffee “complete” (and then being shaky nervous all day), buying a lot of Hershey’s kisses and then realizing they are not made out of the same chocolate, etc. My most recent spoken mistake was yesterday. It is the worst I have made since I got here… literally too inappropriate to post in public… even worse it was in a conversation with a child… ask me later, I’ll tell you in person. Point being… there’s no way to avoid it, only to embrace it.


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