The start of the smushy sentimental part.


I officially have 12 days left in Mexico. People have started to leave to return to their various real-life responsibilities. There are still new little adventures everyday (for example, adventure Monday this week… I didn’t really do anything new, but I did see a car covered in 100 origami butterflies… I think that counts, right?). There are still things about Mexican culture that I think I understand, and then it turns out to be completely mistaken (for example pointing to the left and right at the same time does not indicate a lack of orientation, but rather a measurement of something totally unrelated). Anyways, more than anything for my own sake, I have decided to dedicate the next blog posts to writing about things that I have learned from Mexico that I want to remember when I go back to the U.S.
Starting today.

What I have learned about life by living in Mexico:

1. Cut vegetables and fruit slowly.

The literal meaning of this is: cut vegetables and fruits slowly. They will look prettier, taste better, and they will probably fit better into whatever recipe you are making.

The metaphorical meaning of this is: calm down. It’s worth the extra 5 minutes of patience to enjoy something more beautiful. Mexicans are incredibly good at this philosophy. It takes a lot of work to slow down for those extra 5 minutes and really pay attention to what you’re doing, but I repeat, it’s worth it. That onion is no longer a seasoning for your omelet, but rather a display of patience and care.


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